Vartan Tashdjian Exhibition Cyprus 2013

THOC Event

NOVEMBER 13-24 2013


KPMG Cyprus, is delighted to help bring new works of Cypriot painter Vartan Tashdjian to the people of Cyprus. These 32 paintings represent another step in the journey of one of the island's greatest painters.


"Every painting is a tribute to his chosen homeland, Cyprus. There is always in his painting an overriding mood of melancholy and peaceful isolation. The work is so rich." Katherine Anne Harper, Ph.D. , Art Historian and Critic, Loyola Marymount University


"Vartan is a gifted painter who has wonderful mastery of the language of colours. This technique has reached perfection. He speaks with his colours just as a poet speaks with words and fascinates his admirers. If Vartan had not been a real painter, he would assuredly have been a great poet." Christos Mavris, Art Critic

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Vartans Exhibition Opening Night

Vartan and Sylvia with Mr. Kyriakos Kenevezos, MInister of Culture and Education, opening the Exhibition at the THOC Theatre in Nicosia. See more photos from the exhibition below.

THOC Exhibition Opening Night and Documentary Film Premiere, Cyprus 2013 (Greek & English)

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