Vartan Tashdjian Biography

Artist Biography

Vartan Tashdjian is one of the most important contemporary artists in Cyprus. His paintings are a celebration of the beauty of nature and the beauty of life. An Armenian, he has dedicated his life and his work, his destiny, to the island.

The work of Vartan Tashdjian is very diverse and takes many forms. His paintings can be found the world over, in the United States and Canada, in the Middle East...even in Australia. No other Cypriot painter has exhibited work in so many places, nor has any other Cypriot painter travelled so extensively.

Vartan's social life is a core component of his creative life. He loves people. No matter where he goes, his gift is the beauty of art and painting. He is a source of peace and harmony. Vartan is devoted to his family, and this is another core component of his creative life.

As a boy, Vartan studied painting, literature, music and theatre at the Melkonian Educational Institute in Nicosia. He then travelled to Lebanon to study mathematics at the American University of Beirut. He returned to Cyprus in 1966, and he has lived in Nicosia ever since.

A true Renaissance man, Vartan has been an art teacher, a singer, a writer, an actor and a school director. His first love, however, is painting.

The diverse landscapes of Cyprus are a key inspiration for Vartan. The natural beauty of the island's mountains and fields, its flora and fauna, its light and color...Vartan's experience of the island is as visceral for him as his own heartbeat.


Artist In Brief

BORN: Lebanon

LANGUAGES: Armenian, Greek, English, French, Arabic and Turkish

HIGHER EDUCATION: B.Sc, Mathematics American University Lebanon

TEACHER: Melkonian Educational Institute Cyprus

HEADMASTER: Nareg Armenian Schools Cyprus

AUTHOR: "Sirerg"- A Book of Poetry and Paintings "Husk Pank"– A Book of Commencement Addresses

EXHIBITIONS: First Solo Exhibition in 1978, has held over 50 Solo Exhibition and several Group Exhibitions.

Vartan Tashdjian Family

Vartan and his family at an Exhibition Cyprus Hilton

Vartan Tashdjian Mother Siblings

From left: Vartan, Grandmother, Mother & Siblings